Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Celebrating Margaret Mahy

Children and Parents turned out in their thousands around the country to celebrate Margaret Mahy's books at the 90 participating libraries, two museums and many bookstores.  A big thanks to all who joined in.  Margaret Mahy would have been proud that we enjoyed her books so much. Afterwards, Aucklanders continued their tributes at the memorial service at Auckland Town Hall. 
Here are some photographs from the Margaret Mahy Nationwide Read Aloud:

Bubble magic at Mt Roskill Library

Sher Foley at Mt Roskill Library

Sandra Morris at Auckland Museum

Children draw on Nina Rycroft's mural at Auckland Museum

Tauranga Library

Queenstown Library

Queenstown Library
Ralph McCubbin Howell at Edinburgh Fringe

Ralph McCubbin Howell at Edinburgh Fringe Festival

Phillip Simpson at Avondale Library

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